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This is a collection of blogs, expert insights and research around the concept of Performance by Design.

What is “Performance by Design”?

Performance by Design is the the idea that to achieve fast, robust and reliable IT systems, performance must be built into them from the earliest stages, then monitored and managed throughout the software development life-cycle.

To represent this holistic approach, this blog has contributors specialising in different areas of IT performance, from design and development through to testing, engineering and monitoring.


Test for Performance Early (and with realistic data) in Agile

Kelvin Craig uses a database selection example to describe how considering every aspect of your software projects from a performance perspective, as early in the lifecycle as possible, is imperative.

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Attendees of WOPR22 in Malmö, Sweden.

How (and why) to move performance testing earlier in the development cycle [WOPR22]

Andy recently attended the WOPR22 conference in Malmo. This focussed on discussions around how to move performance testing earlier in the process.

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10 Points to Consider When Choosing a Real User Monitoring Tool

Tools enabling Real User Monitoring, or RUM (also known as End User Experience, or EUE, and some similar things) have proliferated hugely over the last 10 years, to the point there are now countless hopeful vendors jostling for contention.

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Getting started in Web Performance

How do you get started in Web Performance? It’s all about knowledge and experience.

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Executing Gatling tests from Node.js

Andy has been exploring an open source load testing tool, Gatling, and figuring out how to execute tests from Node.js.

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Credit: Hash Milhan

The Bricks and Mortar of Performance Culture – some practical ideas

While attending the Scale Summit, Larry Haig ran a session on practical strategies for developing a performance culture. What does it take to get a business to buy in to the idea that performance matters?

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Want better application performance? Lookup, don’t search

In terms of application performance, creating lookups for data is much better than searching for it each time, as Kelvin Craig demonstrates.

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It’s not just about being the fastest…

As techies, we often find pleasure in setting arbitrary performance targets and working towards bettering them. But this isn’t always what’s best ofr the business.

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complaint by Adam the atom

Start thinking about performance during development

Why should you care about performance when developing an application? Because performance matters as much as functionality.

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Why you should let Amazon take the strain

While Amazon Web Services is not the miracle elixir to cure all hosting and capacity ailments, there are a lot of good reasons to use AWS.

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The post-Christmas web performance clean up

Just after a spell of major activity, such as Christmas sales, is a good time to look back over your website’s performance and see how well you fared. What will you do differently next time?

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The evil that exceptions do

Kelvin Craig warns of the dangers inherent in relying on exceptions to be a “catch-all” solution, and the damage this can do to application performance.

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